Info about some of my projects. If you really want that.
Some of them are dead. Some of them semi-alive.
Most of them I only started to learn.


2013-2-9 1:13 by phryk

ampcontrol is an mpd client written in python intended for usage in cronjobs.

It is supposed to get fancy features like adding directories to the current playlist using a user-defined hierarchy and other stu […]


2013-2-9 1:13 by phryk

Slightly is the slightly different approach to arduino-based lightning. Or at least, it's supposed to be, as it's not yet built.

The concept is simply, 4 big whopping 5W RGB LEDs, one in each corner of my place, connected to an arduino cont […]


2013-2-9 1:13 by phryk

wmfstat is a statusbar framework for the window manager from scratch. It is written in python and depends on wmfs-fifo.

Since I realized that you can […]


2013-2-9 1:13 by phryk

Lizardsnot is a filebased blogging/publishing utility written in Common Lisp. This site (at least in August 2011) is powered by lizardsnot. As this is my first project in CL the code might does suck. Since lizardsnot is complete […]


2013-2-9 1:13 by phryk

skunkfart is supposed to be something between webframework and content management system for nerds like me, who like the web, but have grown to hate most of what is currently being used in 'state of the art' web applications (php, WYSIWYG-javascri […]