• Introducing… gulik!

    I've been awful quiet on this intertube thingamabob as of late and the
    three-and-a-half people following [poobrains][tag/poobrains] progress might have noticed
    a distinct lack of activity on that project as well.
    *(upcoming post on that...
  • poobrains devlog #6

    A few months have passed since I last wrote anything about [poobrains][tag/poobrains]'
    development and I think it's about time I told you what I was up to since
    then. It's been a lot, so this is probably going to be a semi-long post,
    even without...
  • poobrains devlog #5

    ## Progress on SVG integration ##
    Besides more fixes than I can even remember, some more form work, styling and
    templating work, I've put a couple hours into beginning SVG integration.
    This is by no means done, but it can already plot multiple...
  • poobrains devlog #4

    ## Form overhaul complete (I think?) ##
    I have finished the form system overhaul. It has taken almost two months,
    but now all superfluous stuff from before the move to `click.types` for type
    coercion has been killed dead. It...
  • poobrains devlog #3

    ## forms & candy ##
    More work done on the form system, but the cleanup isn't quite finished yet.
    Moved support for choices (whitelist validation + `<datalist>` autocompletion)
    and multiple values into the base form `Field` class and started...
  • Poobrains devlog #2

    A few things happened since I last posted. The most important ones:
    - The form system has seen some more housecleaning work
    - A preview feature was added
    - The `minica` command can now (and does by default) create CA certificates that are...
  • poobrains devlog #1

    Removed hand-baked type coercion in form system and moved to using `click.types`. This means coercion stuff only has to be implemented once and works for forms as well as the CLI. A good deal of cleanup in the form system is still needed to depopulate...

    ## Developing software using common cryptographic tools is horrible ##
    While developing [poobrains][project/poobrains], I have gained a bit of experience dealing with common cryptograhic tools (namely TLS and PGP/GnuPG) from both a user and a...
  • My life with the magnet

    For some time now, I have had an intimate relationship with a neodymium
    magnet. What I mean by this is that I have said magnet sitting within the
    flesh of my left ring-finger.
    In this post I hope to illuminate why and how I got to have this...