Anarchodiscordian Agitprop Dump #2

Avast ye! We have moar agitprop for your terrorist-y needs!

We're starting this one with a nice little shirt design for all you millenials who can't afford basic housing because of their horrible, horrible avocado addiction. PS: If you're going to 36C3 and want this on a shirt, please TELL ME.

Next up, we have a heartwarming motivational wallpaper you can use to spice up your work environment – complete with cute and empowering 90s pop culture references!

Continuing on our way towards total world domination, we have our cutest call for action yet – because squatting is Serious® Business™.

And we all know what this would mean:

And finally, onwards to utopia – this one's for all our queer comrades out there. Keep being awesome. ❤

This has apparently been a communique of and by the Erisian Liberation Front.