Anarchodiscordian Agitprop Dump #3

Goooooood morning, intertubes!
We are back once again with the sick propaganda!

As always, the SVG files are the inkscape source files - have fun remixing!

Starting off, we have a nice A0 grayscale poster for all you work abolitionists out there calling for a more modern means of freeing society from the grip of the protestant work ethic.

Further on, we have a truly elegant 16:9 wallpaper for the more distinguished popes out and about in this playground of Our Lady Discord – featuring the Sacred Chao, our most hallowed of symbols.

This should probably have been released alongside the first propaganda dump but we somehow just up and forgot about it.

Speaking of Goddess, we also have a bunch of 5-minute-propaganda pieces that are very much a product of these, so very interesting times we do live in.

First up a sticker design sporting a remix of a corporate propaganda piece you have probably seen before, if you're a 90s kid. Now you, too, can carry the crippling depression brought onto you by modern societies' social and economic alienation on the inside as well as the outside!

Then, we have a simple and straightforward remix of a piece of state propaganda from The Old Empire™. Updated with a more timeless demand, because when your neighborhood is being shelled, you know it's time to
keep calm and abolish the organized oppression of the underprivileged. (:

This one comes as an A1 poster.

The final piece from the 5-minute department comes in the form of a business card. Great to take to sponsored tech conferences - after handing these over, be sure to tell them where to stick 'em.
We recommend sharp paper.

UP NEXT: Poetry – no, seriously! This one is very near and dear to our hearts because it got us our birbsite account suspended – apparently billion dollar tech companies don't want you agitating too much against billionaires – who woulda thunk?

Enjoy this sublime haiku in A2 poster format.

And… finally – we have a wallpaper on noted billionaire edgelord
Memelon the Muskrat, may he suffer eternal agony! 🤡

Hey, we hope you liked this iteration of the anarchodiscordian agitprop dump – alas it is going to be the last one – because starting now, we'll begin publishing pieces on their own! We have been sitting on some of the pieces in this dump for like a year now and that's just plain shameful from a propagandeering perspective. Stay tuned, we already got one or two future agitprops simmering in our bioreactors! :3

This has apparently been a communique of and by the Erisian Liberation Front.