The Named


Hey you! Yes, YOU!

Capitalism killed your joy? Pop music makes you want to direct an infinite stream of projectile vomit at whoever is responsible for that drivel?

Atari Teenage Riot just feels too commercial these days?

Never fear, for I have just the thing for you!

Have a listen at this:

This, my angry friend, is The Named. A one-album act that only came into existence after the album was done.

The actual person behind this album is JP Anderson, whom you probably don't know as one half of The Shizit and Rabbit Junk, respectively.

Initially released in 2009 as eponymous album under the name The Shizit, the problem at the time was that Brian Shrader, the other half of The Shizit, didn't approve and sent a cease-and-desist order.

The magic with this happened in 2015, when Anderson released a re-mastered version of the album under the new name The Named and, more importantly, on the artist-run label he's a part of GlitchMode.

Like most GlitchMode releases, the album is pay-what-you-want starting at nothing - something for which I have only one reply: