From the very beginning, we have acted on one very basic premise:

If it's inaccessible to the poor,
it's neither radical nor revolutionary.

Thus, everything we make – whether it be media or software - we publish free of charge, without any pesky bullshit like forced registration attached.

This hasn't changed when we became homeless, it hasn't changed when we lost access to welfare and it will not ever change.

It has, however, forced us to become available for hire and might yet mean we get to starve to death in some goddessforsaken gutter or simply waste away – both of these scenarios are not to our liking, so we're taking donations in order to better enable us to keep on doing what we're doing.

In the short run, we need coverage for one of the following packages to avert immediate doom:

Don't starve

  • 200-250€ food and drink

Don't starve plus

  • 200-250€ food and drink
  • 50-100€ consumables
  • 50-100€ non-IT hobbies
  • total: 300-450€

In the long run, we'd like to do our free propaganda and software development full-time and without immediate existential threats – for this, we need:

A life

  • 200-250€ food and drink
  • 50-100€ consumables
  • 50-100€ non-IT hobbies
  • 400-500€ small apartment
  • 150+€ health insurance
  • total: 850-1100€

Currently, you can donate to us in one of two ways:

Via our Patreon. This works for recurring donations only – and yes, Patreon is quite bad, but sadly, liberapay didn't work for us. Maybe in the future.

Via SEPA transfer, this works for recurring as well as one-time donations and will be available to us after at most one day. Our account information is as follows:

IBAN: DE10100110012627826246