Ey Jung, Du bis' jetz seit eenunzwanzisch Joahrn Elektroingenieur, Du wirs' doch wissn was än Teschno is! Des is' die Musik, wo die immer so laut Bumm Bumm machn!

  • Pronobozo

    Why, hello there and welcome to another expedition into the depths
    of underappreciated art.
    Todays foray takes us back to around 2006-2008 when one of the early
    viral [tricking] videos, [Friday Night Madness 4], came out.
    What was special...
  • Gewaltakustik

    Once upon a time in an internet long, long ago…
    …there was a german noise music project who gave away their music
    on their website.
    No paywall, no forced registration, no external services - no bullshit.
    This project was Gewaltakustik and it...
  • The Named

    Hey you! Yes, YOU!
    Capitalism killed your joy? Pop music makes you want to direct an infinite stream of projectile vomit at whoever is responsible for that drivel?
    Atari Teenage Riot just feels too commercial these days?
    Never fear, for I...