The engineering of consent is the very essence of the democratic process, the freedom to persuade and suggest.
– Edward Bernays

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  • Death To All Dictators!

    Putin is sending a generation of his young and poor countrymen to kill
    and die in the Ukraine.
    We made a propaganda for this occasion calling for what Putin as well
    as any other dictator deserves: **Death.**
    Includes a 300 DPI export in A4...
  • April 15th is Steal Something From Work Day!

    Rejoice o ye workers of the world for today is a special day:  
    It's April 15th and thus [**Steal Something From Work Day**](!
    In order to celebrate the occasion, we made a little propaganda in the form of an...
  • Anarchodiscordian Agitprop Dump #3

    Goooooood morning, intertubes!  
    We are back once again with the sick propaganda!
    As always, the SVG files are the inkscape source files - have fun remixing!
    Starting off, we have a nice A0 grayscale poster for all you
    work abolitionists out...
  • Anarchodiscordian Agitprop Dump #2

    Avast ye! We have moar agitprop for your terrorist-y needs!
    We're starting this one with a nice little shirt design for all you millenials who can't afford basic housing because of their horrible, *horrible* avocado addiction. <sub>PS: If you're...
  • Anarchodiscordian Agitprop Dump

    Lately, we have been especially <strike>fucked in the head</strike>
    productive on the artsy side of things and managed to cook up some
    semi-decent anarchodiscordian agitprop for you fuckheads to freely
    use, including the inkscape SVG sources to...