Welcome! You have found the intertube headquarters of
phryk evil mad sciences, LLC!

Here at phryk evil mad sciences, LLC, we pride ourselves on bringing the latest in strategic technology to the distinguished prosocial terrorist.

Whether you are a tightly-knit independent cell, a lone wolf, a curly tentacle or an amoebous superorganism – we are working tirelessly on innovative prosumer solutions to maximize your return on investment in all of your endeavours!

Our main focus lies in two areas:

  • Old-school new-media propaganda distribution
  • Resource autonomy solutions for food, power and shelter

Our long-term mission goals include:

  • Building a network of leaderless, autonomous terrorist cells
  • Building a magical resource-autonomous forest hamlet
  • The abolition of work

Make sure to check out our R&D department and stalk us on the Fediverse!

phryk evil mad sciences, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of OPMINDFUCK, Inc.